Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Praised Abroad

Pyongyang, March 15 (KCNA) -- Witnessing Juche Korea invariably advance along the road of independence, braving stern trials of the history under the leadership of the great Party, the international community has keenly realized once again the immutable true that the prominent leader glorifies the dignity of the country and the nation.

The international secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People of Spain said that the leadership ability and fighting efficiency of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) have been remarkably bolstered up thanks to Comrade Kim Jong Un, adding that his independent politics gives great encouragement and courage to the world revolutionary people struggling for social progress and justice.

The general secretary of the C.C., People's Socialist Party of Mexico and the chairperson of the Coalition for Mali praised the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un as the great man who is demonstrating the absolute national position and glory of Juche Korea all over the world with his extraordinary wisdom and leadership.

The chairman of the Study Forum for Self-Reliance of Nepal and the chairman of the Dresden Group for the Study of the Juche Idea in Germany said that the dignity and might of the DPRK as an invincible power are being fully demonstrated by HE Kim Jong Un and his leadership implants deeper in the mind of the progressive mankind the conviction that the DPRK is the fortress of independence.

The chairman of the Pakistani Organization for the Study of the Juche Idea, the chairman of the Ugandan National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea, the chairman of the Ecuador-Guaranda Institute for Friendship and Cultural Solidarity with the Korean People and other personages of different countries said that the DPRK's changes proved that the country's prosperity and military strength is guaranteed by the great leader. They added that thanks to the peerlessly great man the Korean people stand on the top of history as the people of the most dignified and powerful country in the world, possessed of the strongest deterrent as a treasured sword.

The chief of the Madrid Group for the Study of the Juche Idea in Spain said the future of the DPRK is very rosy thanks to the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un. -0- (Juche112.3.15.)