New Dwellings in Phothae-dong of Samjiyon City

Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- One day in November Juche 110 (2021), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Phothae-dong in Samjiyon City.

Looking at the newly-built houses in Phothae-dong, Kim Jong Un expressed his great satisfaction. He asked an official if all the old houses had been pulled down.

The official told that the old houses were replaced with new homes and all the residents moved into their new houses and are very satisfied with them.

Then, Kim Jong Un said this is a great change, stressing that the pleasure, shown by inhabitants of Samjiyon City saying they came to know the meaning of a great change, is just a general appraisal of the results of the city construction.

If the people are satisfied with them, they are OK, and if not, they are not. A revolution is brought about in the same way as making a tremendous change to the city like this, he said, adding that he is very proud to struggle and make a revolution day and night and the greatest pleasure for him is to see the people get very satisfied.

The officials were deeply moved by the words of Kim Jong Un, who regards the people's opinion as the most important thing and finds his greatest pleasure in their happy looks. -0- (Juche113.2.28.)