Unethical Holocausts Censured

Pyongyang, February 20 (KCNA) -- Israel being hell-bent on committing bloody holocausts in the Gaza Strip of Palestine despite the accusations and condemnation by the international community is orchestrating another scene of massacre.

As well known, Israeli authorities, in the early days of their invasion of the Gaza Strip, urged the Palestinians of its northern and central areas to move towards the south talking about the "safety" of civilians. And they pretended as if they offered a "way-out".

As a result, people continued to flock toward the small city of Rafah where 1.4 million Palestinian refugees are now living.

Against this backdrop, the Israeli prime minister ordered the military to draw up a ground operation plan in the city, and the Israeli aggressor forces are indiscriminately bombing and shelling Rafah City every day under the signboard of "attacks on terrorist targets."

On Feb. 11, Israel bombed a dwelling house of refugees, killing dozens of innocent inhabitants. The next day it killed civilians by mobilizing planes, tanks and warships.

As a result of Israel's rash acts, over 100 people were killed and hundreds of civilians including women and children were injured in Rafah City and its surrounding areas on Feb. 12 alone.

When recalling once again that a spokesperson for the Israeli military unhesitatingly said that it is a "very effective rate" to kill two people in order to kill one Hamas militant, one can know clearly that the present situation is a purposeful and conscious act of Israel to exterminate the Palestinian nation.

The mayor of Rafah City expressed concerns, saying that "Israel's bombing is being intensified over the past few hours, which serves as preparations for military operation in the city".

It is obvious that if extensive ground operation is launched, the whole city will be reduced to a "group grave of Palestinians."

The international community is now strongly demanding an immediate stop to the massacre, angered by the reckless military acts of Israel.

Countries in the Middle East said in chorus that "humanitarian disaster will occur in Rafah City, the last shelter of uncountable people, and Israel's wild ambition poses a serious threat to regional stability."

Even several European countries strongly demand that no more ambiguous attitude towards the situation in the Gaza Strip should be taken, saying that "the inhabitants of the area can't be innocently ruined."

Israel's hideous killing has gone so dangerous as to be likely to totally destroy one nation. This would be unthinkable apart from the U.S. intention to keep the Middle East region under its control by using Israel as a shock brigade.

The resolution submitted by Algeria to the UN Security Council in demand of an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip is to come up for vote. In connection with this, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Feb. 17 said that "the U.S. doesn't support the resolution and it will not be adopted even if it comes up for vote".

The murderers who don't hesitate to commit massacres to realize their wild ambition for territorial expansion under the active patronage of the U.S., the empire of evil, which was built on the heaps of dead bodies of American aborigines, will be sternly punished by mankind. -0-

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