Efforts Made to Augment Stability of Electric Power Supply

Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang Municipal Power Transmission and Distribution Station now concentrates its efforts on boosting the stability of the electric power system and reinforcing it.

The station is putting the operation of the power geographic information system on a normal basis and making technical innovations with the main emphasis on realizing the system adjustment plan aimed at obtaining optimum results.

Its technicians and workers have sped up the project for upgrading the main transformer, while applying the efficient working methods to raise the power factor of the system and ensure its safe operation.

Employees at the Industrial Technology Research Institute are devoting themselves to technically guaranteeing the production of equipment, while testing the coils in a responsible manner.

The station finished laying cable of more than 10 000 meters in a short span of time and is pushing ahead with the work to assemble equipment for a new substation.

Technicians and skilled workers have readjusted the arresters and their lines and meticulously conducted the work for replacing the existing cables of different substations with new ones and adjusting the measuring devices.

The members of the April 15 Technical Innovation Shock Brigade solved technical problems arising in quickly measuring the voltage needed for the operation of transmission lines and preventing accidents to contribute to ensuring the stability of power supply.

Power distribution stations in Pothonggang, Mangyongdae and Tongdaewon districts rearranged the distribution lines in a qualitative way and have checked and maintained the lines in their sections in a regular way to reduce the loss of electricity in transmission. -0-

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