Love for Workers

One day in May Juche 55 (1966) Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the then Hwanghae Iron Works in company with President Kim Il Sung.

He went round various places of the iron works, and stopped at a workshop when seeing dust floating there.

Then he earnestly told the accompanying officials that no matter how great the metallurgical process we invented with domestic fuel is, this is useless if it was harmful to the health of smelters.

At the moment, the officials were ashamed to reflect themselves not to pay attention to the health of the workers, regarding it as a common practice to see dust in the melting ground for iron ore and anthracite.

The Chairman told officials that steel is precious to us, of course, but the health of smelters is more precious than that. Therefore, our officials should give precedence to the smelters first before molten iron, he added.

His instructions were a guideline to be always kept by the officials in the Juche era in which human being is valued most and everything serves people. -0- (Juche113.6.11.)