Main Role and Tactical Advantage Maintained in Anti-Epidemic Campaign

Pyongyang, June 29 (KCNA) -- A plan for maintaining and furthering tactical advantage in the ongoing anti-epidemic campaign by taking the initiative is intensified in the DPRK in keeping with the efforts made to eradicate the malignant virus by dint of the public health and anti-epidemic policies of the Party and the state.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector puts efforts to continuously coordinate and execute the anti-epidemic rules and regulations.

Blockade of the areas along the line, sea and air has been further intensified to check the outbreak of a new epidemic. And measures for regional lockdown and unit quarantine and their release according to the changing epidemic situation are coordinated in a rapid and active way and the anti-epidemic work is waged in an offensive and efficient way.

Steps are taken to establish medical test centers in different regions and test posts in main cities and counties to ensure promptness and accuracy in the malignant virus test.

works are propelled to build up the national hygienic and anti-epidemic center and establish a nationwide nucleic acid test network with it as a base, and to put the pathogenic microorganism test on a standardized and scientific basis and realize the state unified supervision and control.

Also, a measure is taken to perfect a system for controlling the malignant epidemic spread situation to correctly anticipate it and involve the epidemic prevention units at all levels in the system.

Relevant units push ahead with the work to verify the degree of mass immunity by quickly finishing the scientific researches and establishing a new anti-body examination system within short time.

The emergency epidemic prevention units at all levels establish a system of making all the officials and working people notify and inform of any abnormal symptom of COVID-19 and something out of the ordinary and the trait of helping and controlling with each other to overcome formalism in medical checkup and examination.

They simultaneously conduct the anti-epidemic campaign and the work for preventing natural disasters in connection with relevant sectors in line with the regional and seasonal conditions.

The public health sector has established and standardized the treatment methods for various symptoms and constitutional characteristics and constantly updated the treatment guides.

It prepares for coping with any emergency by further strengthening the mobile rapid treatment force in each region and dispatching medical workers and sending medicines to the areas of low mass immunity level.

The hygienic and anti-epidemic centers across the country call for disposing of sewage and dust as required by the anti-epidemic rules and take a thoroughgoing measure for the supply of boiled water at nursing and upbringing organs, education institutions, public catering establishments and farms.

Anti-epidemic posts are reinforced at grand construction sites. -0- (Juche111.6.29.)