Rice-transplanting in Full Swing in South Hwanghae Province

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- Rice-transplanting is progressing apace in South Hwanghae Province of the DPRK.

Thanks to the high patriotic enthusiasm of officials and working people in the agricultural field of the province and helpers, rice-transplanting has been carried out in tens of thousands of hectares of field in a little over ten days.

The provincial rural economy committee sent competent officials to the spot to give guidance and assistance to promptly solve arising problems.

Farms in city and counties have made the disastrous abnormal weather a fait accompli and worked out a scientific plan for rice-transplanting. On this basis, they finished seed germination and sowing in the right season and manured and tended rice seedlings in a proper way to bring up healthy seedlings.

The farms are striving to complete the daily plan by raising the operation rate of tractors and rice-transplanting machines.

They are transplanting rice seedlings in a large area every day while giving scientific and technological guidance to the farmers and helpers to strictly observe the requirements of the Juche farming method in all farming processes. -0-

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