Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s Visit to Mobile Cage-Net Fish Farm

 One day in November Juche 104 (2015), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited a mobile cage-net fish farm in the Taedong River.

He was very pleased to see the panoramic view of the farm with tens of cage-net ponds for breeding various kinds of fish, a general control room, feed storehouse, resting room and other facilities.

Going round the farm, he said that it should make people enjoy substantial benefits from it.

He kindled the flames of competition for fish farming so as to make the whole country seethe with cage-net fish farming with Pyongyang as a model. He told officials that he could witness intensive efforts for the cage-net fish farming and implementing the Party's policies. And he stressed the need to do the fish farming in a strenuous way to ensure profitability, not for the sake of display.

He earnestly called for encouraging cage-net fish farming on a large scale to produce a lot of fish for people.

Officials were deeply moved by his repeated instructions. -0- (Juche113.5.21.)