Fruit Farm Planned by President Kim Il Sung on His Inspection to War Front

It was one day in February Juche 41 (1952) when the Fatherland Liberation War was at its height.

On his way back from the front, President Kim Il Sung made his driver bring a car to a halt on a hill in Junghwa County of South Phyongan Province at that time.

Watching the devastated surroundings painfully, he said that if the fertility of soil in the area was improved, it would be good to build an orchard as it is located near Pyongyang.

Saying that it is necessary to prepare the fruits to be presented to the servicepersons and citizens who have won the war, he added that it would be good to turn the area into a fruit supply base for the capital city in the future.

Looking up to the President who was unfolding a plan to build a fruit farm in the period of the hard-fought war, the officials accompanying him came to get more firmly convinced that they would surely win victory in the war. -0- (Juche112.2.24.)