Outlook on People

One day in June Juche 67 (1978), Chairman Kim Jong Il was told about an important building to be built in a place of Pyongyang City under a long-term plan for urban construction.

At that time, there were a rice-cleaning mill and an oil mill at the site where the major building, urgently needed by the state, was to be built. After repeated consultation, officials decided to start the construction of the major building.

With a serious look, the Chairman told officials that President Kim Il Sung was so worried about the living of Pyongyang citizens and the removal of those mills without any preparations in advance may cause inconvenience to the citizens.

Then, he recommended that the two mills should be removed after making full preparations while keeping their normal operation and the construction of the major building, too, should be started with prior preparations.

After all, the mills were removed into other places without hindering production and the construction of the major building could be carried out in a short span of time.

In the course, officials came to cherish deeper in their mind Kim Jong Il's transparent outlook on the people. -0-

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