Chairman Kim Jong Il's Far-sighted Wisdom

Pyongyang, February 21 (KCNA) -- One day in January Juche 95 (2006), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Kim Chaek University of Technology, the highest seat of training scientific and technological talents in the DPRK.

He dropped in at a tele-education room of the newly-built e-library and saw a lecture given through intranet. He said that it was very interesting and heard the explanation of it.

Appreciating that the tele-education content was well edited, he said that such computer-based tele-education would be good for factory colleges and students of correspondence course in local areas.

Officials of the university were greatly impressed by the far-sighted wisdom of Kim Jong Il who found a valuable thing from a new small idea and forecasted the future in a moment.

He told officials that the work for putting the tele-education on a high level should be pushed forward, referring in detail to the issues arising in the implementation of the tele-education including the making of teaching program for it.

True to his loving care and trust, the officials and educators of the university pushed ahead with the work to complete the information network in close contact with relevant units, make teaching programs for tele-education and build instructional resources necessary for students' study.

Under such preparation, the then Tele-education College was established at Kim Chaek University of Technology in February 2010 and the first lecture began in October. Workers at industrial establishments across the country became students of the college to get higher education.

As seen above, Kim Jong Il planned a new educational system involving the working people across the country from a new idea and guided its realization from the start. -0- (Juche112.2.21.)